WHAT IF…If it had nothing to do with food

and everything to do with your thoughts?

Have you wondered just what those niggly thoughts that keep racing through your mind have to do with your weight?

Those thoughts that say, I can never do this…I’m such a failure…I can’t stick to anything…I will always be overweight.  Well these thoughts are only beliefs that you have said to yourself over and over.  That is all that a belief is.

You have cemented those thoughts into your subconscious and now it is giving you just what you have instructed it to do by feeding those thoughts to you on a daily basis. After all, the subconscious doesn’t care whether it is true or not, it is there to protect you and if you truly believe all those thoughts and ideas about yourself in a negative fashion well guess what the old subconscious is gonna give you sweetie – More of the Same.

Yep, you’re right, you never will stick to anything, you fail so many times and yep you will always have a weight issue. The great thing about it all is you can change those beliefs by changing your thoughts, which will change your behaviour.

It’s not as simple as just thinking happy thoughts and many found out after “The Secret” came out. Many did all the positive things that were called for and still no success.  Why?

Well underneath operating were what they truly believed and repeated, and repeated even unconsciously.

They posted pictures of slim, gorgeous people.  Did their daily affirmations, squelched every disempowering thought that surfaced and still no luck! They finally gave up thinking the Law of Attraction did not work.

So…what are you to do?

The first step is to become aware that they are there and every time you hear yourself say/think these disempowering thoughts, sit with it for a minute.

Ask yourself if these thoughts are serving you and if not, then think of a thought that is empowering.  It doesn’t have to be one that you do not believe, just a tiny step up the ladder so that you feel better.

You discover you are saying “I’ll always be overweight, it runs in my family and I might just as well accept it”

Now when you discover yourself saying that, to bury it or try to scratch it out, and then say “I will lose 50 pounds” is quite a stretch for your subconscious to absorb.

How about a wee trip up the ladder (not down) by acknowledging the disempowering thought and then asking yourself if that thought is serving you and if not, what could help you feel better. Perhaps, “My family is all overweight, but that doesn’t mean that I have to be, I have control over my thoughts”.


That’s not a huge jump and it is something the subconscious can grab hold of and the more you practice those affirming thoughts, the easier it becomes and eventually, those become your beliefs.


Until next time. Take care…keep smiling.

Liz Underhill