What is willpower?  According to Webster’s dictionary: (Energetic Determination)

I love this!  Energetic Determination!  Wow!

So you do the easy part and lose the weight, but then you must have lost that Energetic Determination because the scales are telling you that your thoughts were using their Energetic Determination to send you up the yo-yo ladder and oh yes…they add a few extra pounds just in case you use that Energetic Determination again.

You have a very strong “will” power in your mind called the subconscious. One of the most powerful instruments known to man.  All you have to do is harness that power to be/do/have anything you want.

Consider that the subconscious is a CD player. You record the CD and then play it. Now if all of a sudden you want to change what the CD player is playing. You can’t go up to it and call it names, you can’t yell at it, call it stupid and expect to hear it playing just what you want to hear.  The only thing you can do, is turn it off, or put in something that you do want.

No matter how many curses and demands you make on it that it should play just what you want to hear, it keeps on playing the recording you give it.  It doesn’t care whether you like it or not, it is there to play what you put into it.

So, if you have fed your CD player with limiting thoughts for some time, then that old player is going to give you just what you gave it to play and will orchestrate the things around you to justify what you are thinking.

However, if you change the thoughts and continue to feed the CD player with that music, then it will chug along giving you just you want and create the sweetest music.

Till next time.  Take care…keep smiling
Liz Underhill