Want to know something about me?

We all have different stories as to why and how we came to be overweight.  Mine was living a horrendous childhood, one that if it was today, my father would be locked up and the key would be thrown away.  I was not a wanted child and was so reminded of it often.  I left home at 16 and then married an abusive husband.

 I filled the hole in my heart with food. From the time I was a young girl until my 30’s, my life was an eating cage, with no open door.  Yes, I dieted and dieted and dieted, only to gain it all back and more.

FINALLY I’d had enough! No more dieting!  No more calorie counting!  No more portions!  No more pills!  I realized that something was wrong, when 85% of us lose weight only to gain it back and more. I had to take full responsibility for my life. 


So! I binged on learning how to use my mind to lose weight permanently.

I Learned:
Weight is not the problem!
Weight loss, permanent weight loss,
Begins on the inside.
And to do that, I’d have to learn how to recognize my sabotaging, self-defeating thoughts,
Change my beliefs,
And attract positive thoughts that would, allow me to get my high on life and not food
which then
Created permanent change
That’s what I did!


I have seen so many beautiful women suffer needlessly with the weight issue. I assure you; it has nothing to do with the food and weight. It IS entirely about thoughts that are lurking and repeating like a movie in the background. I’ve guided women to understand the longing and hole in their heart and to stop feeding it with food, drugs, shopping, gambling, or even sex and fill it with the joy and the abundance of life

I created the 12-week permanent weight loss program called “Cracking the Diet Code” for every woman who is stuck in yo-yo dieting, and is ready to stop the yo-yo DIET INSANITY
NOTE: Since developing this program, I have created 6 hypnosis CD’s that go with my program that help to accelerate your journey.

I love to teach my method to women, who are like I was;  who want to break free from the yo-yo-diet insanity and are finally ready to open themselves up to a new method to finally release the unwanted pounds forever an finally experience FREEDOM

You are enough and perfect just the way you are!

I know you can do this!

And I can teach you how!


My Credentials! 
Transformational Mind Coach.
Master Hypnotist  H.T.  M.h.t.
Master Weight Loss Coach


That you’re here is no coincidence.

Trust the Universe!