Finally a home for you

The Group That Offers Freedom for you!

You want to have help and you know you want to share with others
who are on the same path with you.

Is This You?

                       You are a emotional/bingeing overeater.

                       You have a handle on eating sometimes, but require help.

                        You know you need help and are afraid to ask.

                        You are searching for permanent weight loss

                        You are tired of diets, portions, calories, and counting.

Featuring: “Cracking The Diet Code”

Get crystal clear on why you are a emotional/bingeing over eater and discover “What’s Eating You” leading you to a life of FREEDOM!

 Learn to get your highs from life and not food.

Create the joyful life you were always meant to have once you peel back the layers of self-doubt that you have covered up with food.

So let me ask you: Are you happy

with yourself?

Are you living your dream?

Discover “What’s Eating You”

Our group program is for people who enjoy  working with others. They love the feedback and help they get from the BFF’s.

When you come to the point that you feel you just can’t take another program with counting calories, carbs, pills, and everything you tried in the past has not worked for you, then you are at the right place, to learn to “Crack The Diet Code” and to stop The Diet Insanity

You know the feeling I am talking about   

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You have repeatedly lost weight, only to gain back what you lost and more.
  • You make promises to yourself “never to overeat again” and the next meal finds you stuffing yourself.
  • You are just plain tired of weighing, measuring, portions, pills, and counting calories.
  • You are trying to eat more healthy foods – but the junk food calls
     Stuck in the mind set of thinking that “someday” I will be able to lose the unwanted pounds.

You feel like a failure because you have tried so many times to lose weight and you feel you keep failing so what’s the use!

Trying to do it by yourself and realizing you need help.

Believe me.  You aren’t alone with this mindset. It takes a place to feel safe in discovering and disclosing the reasons why you binge…eat emotionally…and have those self-defeating thoughts.

GOOD NEWS! That yo-yo dieting has nothing to do with Will Power, and everything to do with mindset. In face, I’d bet you are: Watching what you eat – everything that passes your lips.

What if there was a way to shift your thinking about food and weight so that you created a new you and kept that weight off on a permanent basis?

It’s completely in your power to change this. Right now you have the power to change your thoughts and become:

  • Self-Confident
  • A lover of exactly who you are
  • A confident You
  • A person who leaves those unwanted pounds buried in the sand for good!
  • Someone who others look up to – a leader

I’m Ready! Sign Me Up!

Everything starts with a decision. Every Time.

  • Are you ready to change your life?
  • Are you ready to try something different?
  • Are you ready to make a commitment?
  • Are you ready to give your word to yourself and keep it?
  • Are you ready to discover who you really are without food?
  • Are you ready to get your highs from life and not food?

What kind of results will I get from this program?

Come to know exactly who you are.

Discover why you are eating as you do. 

What you have to offer others as a role model.

Learn to get your highs from life not food.

Create the life you have always dreamed of. 

Keep those pounds off permanently, easily and effectively

A belief in yourself.

This is based on a 12-week program, each segment designed to get you closer to being able to throw away the scales, stop dieting, and finally becoming who you really are!

An Overview of Cracking The Diet Code

WEEK 1 – Letting Go of the Diet Mentality. You will sign a commitment form that you will follow this program for the 12 weeks. You will have a partner assigned to you for the program.

WEEK 2 – Discovering Why You Want To Change.  Taste “real” food. You can see how you graze on food and really don’t taste it.

WEEK 3 – Thinness Is An Attitude Shift. Emotional Eating. Discover trigger emotions that drive you to the refrigerator, such as anger, sadness, or just plain boredom.

WEEK 4 – Trigger Foods. Honeymoon is over. Old habits are beginning to creep into your thoughts. Know what triggers you to eat more and more.

WEEK 5 – The Truth About Yourself. When you take away your emotional compulsive eating, you leave raw wounds that you have been bandaging with food. You now have to deal head-on with some of these painful issues.

WEEK 6 – Reflection and Old “Diet” Thoughts. Weigh again, and take measurements. Discussions with partner things you have noticed that have changed – habits, thoughts, etc.

WEEK 7 – Discover Yourself With and Without the Mask. Developing a “Brag Journal”, looks at your accomplishments, your life, friends, and your talents. Discover your gifts and release your heart song.

WEEK 8 – Sabotaging Relationships Even With Yourself.  Sabotaging by others like your significant others. They are used to you in one role and sometimes feel threatened when the new you emerges.

WEEK 9 – Body Image. Discussions about your new thinking and behaviour patterns. Discovering what you think is a good body image. Is this something you have decided or what someone else has given you. Discovering just what you love about yourself.

WEEK 10 – Judgments. Accepting yourself and others without judgment.  You are judging because you have been judged and have accepted those judgments as gospel.

WEEK 11 – Taking Responsibility.  Taking responsibility for your own actions and not blaming others.

WEEK 12 – Counting Your Blessings and CELEBRATION! Final week. Counting your blessings. Sharing the process with others. Moving forward


What’s included and what is my investment?

“Cracking The Diet Code” program with journals
Value $ 150.00

12 Group Coaching Calls – time to be decided upon.
Value $1200.00

 2-1/2 hr. Laser Coaching Calls from me.
Value $ 200.00

6 Hypnosis Tapes to be delivered by download every 2 weeks
 Value $ 120.00

Download Audio tapes of Group Coaching Calls
Value $ 120.00

 Facebook group to connect with fellow students
Value Priceless

Small groups allowing you to be much more comfortable to share
Value Priceless

     TOTAL VALUE – $1,790.00



3 payments of $225.00
Prices are plus applicable taxes

AND because decision-makers always win, you also get our


“Flying By The Seat of Your Cans”
101 Law of Attraction Tips to Lead a Joyous Life

AND 1-1/2 Extra Free Laser Coaching with me any time in the program.

I take only 14 clients in each group, so sign up quickly as groups fill up quickly!

Yes, I’m ready for the “Cracking The Diet” 12-week program

Without the support of a structured commitment, most of us will go back to operating from the old strategies that kept us in that yo-yo syndrome of losing and gaining. 

 Maybe you are still thinking you can do it on your own.  Well good luck with that!  Think about what it would be worth to you to finally become all that you can be, where you’ll jump out of bed in the morning, greet the day and get on with life instead of having your entire day filled with food thoughts. Come out into the sunshine of life, get out of the food fog and most of all learn to “Lighten Up”

I am so confident that

“Cracking The Diet Code”
12-week program

will help you that I am offering a money-back guarantee. If you participate 100%, do all of the assignments, use all of the resources, attend all of the calls, and still do not think this program is for you, just request a full refund, in writing, within 30 days of beginning the program. Just for trying the program you get to keep the “Flying By The Seat Of Your Cans” and the audio of your free coaching sessions.   

I want you to succeed, and I truly believe that if you participate in the program as it was designed, it will change your life!

If you’re wondering if we will get along. We’ll be friends if:

  • You are ready to show up, roll up your sleeves and do the program
  • You are ready to be held accountable
  • You are ready to do whatever it takes
  • You are going to follow whatever the program requires
  • You are ready to work with a buddy.

And if you decide this is not for you I sincerely hope you will

Feast on the bowl of life and learn to get your high on life not food.

Blessing. Take care…Keep smiling.

 Liz Underhill  H.T.  M.h.t.
Certified Transformational Mind Coach
Master Hypnotist
Master Weight Loss Coach