Prisoner Behind Your Beliefs

As I begin these blogs, I am wondering if you are a prisoner behind your limiting beliefs even if you don’t know those beliefs are alive and well lingering in your subconscious mind, waiting for you to try something new and different, something you are excited about,...

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WHAT IF…Over Eating Was Just a Symptom?

Have you ever asked yourself why you have lost weight, felt good about yourself, received compliments, and finally looked at yourself in a full length mirror and said ‘YES’, only to gain most, if not all, and more, back? Statistics show that 85 to 90% of us do just...

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WHAT IF…You could change the underlying cause?

There is always hope and just around the corner. Just take off your blinders. Open your eyes to all the possibilities. This world is full of the naysayers, you only have to follow the news.  Have you bought into all of this?  Have you seen and read all the “news”...

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What is willpower?  According to Webster’s dictionary: (Energetic Determination) I love this!  Energetic Determination!  Wow! So you do the easy part and lose the weight, but then you must have lost that Energetic Determination because the scales are telling you that...

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ASK LIZ…Limiting Beliefs

Dear Liz....I don’t understand what you mean by changing your thoughts to achieve keeping weight off.  I have lost weight and my thoughts are feeling really good about the achievement I have made.  I am thinking positively about it all, so why then am I always gaining...

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ASK LIZ…Release your heart song!

Dear Liz.  I see on your site you have Release Your Heart Song. I am wondering if you could explain to me what that means.  Thank you.  Sarah M   Hi Sarah.  Great question. I believe that every one of us, when we are born, is born with a knowing inside of us, a...

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ASK LIZ…I’m tired of “dieting”

Hello.  I’m tired of the word “dieting”. I so want to lose 85 pounds and but every time I decide to go on a “diet”, all the pictures of doing without come to the forefront and I get hungrier.  I, like, you am tired of measuring, counting, and jumping on the bandwagon...

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ASK LIZ…What makes you the authority?

Hi Liz.  I have been to all the weight loss clinics and online gurus and nothing works. At first I succeed.  One time I lost 40 pounds and put it back on and the next 55 - you guessed it – put it all back on and an extra 12 pounds. My question is, what makes you the...

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