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    “Cracking The Diet Code”

Program And 6 Hypnosis Tapes

  • No more struggling to weigh, measure, count calories
  • No more yo-yo dieting
  • No more binging
  • No more emotional eating
  • No more hiding

  Instead feast on the bowl of life and

Lose Weight Permanently

A quick overview of the program


WEEK 1 – Letting Go of the Diet Mentality.
WEEK 2 – Discovering Why You Want To Change.
WEEK 3 – Thinness Is An Attitude Shift. Emotional Eating
WEEK 4 – Trigger Foods.
WEEK 5 – The Truth About Yourself
WEEK 6 – Reflection and Study of Old “Diet” Thoughts
WEEK 7 – Discover Yourself With and Without the Mask
WEEK 8 – Sabotaging Relationships Even With Yourself
|WEEK 9 – Body Image
WEEK 10 – Judgments.
WEEK 11 – Taking Responsibility.
WEEK 12 – Counting Your Blessings and CELEBRATION!


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