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“Get Your High On Life and Not Food”

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    “Cracking The Diet Code”

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  • No more struggling to weigh, measure, count calories
  • No more yo-yo dieting
  • No more binging
  • No more emotional eating
  • No more hiding

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A quick overview of the program

An Overview of Cracking The Diet Code

WEEK 1 – Letting Go of the Diet Mentality. You will sign a commitment form that you will follow this program for the 12 weeks. You will have a partner assigned to you for the program.

WEEK 2 – Discovering Why You Want To Change.  Taste “real” food. You can see how you graze on food and really don’t taste it.

WEEK 3 – Thinness Is An Attitude Shift. Emotional Eating. Discover trigger emotions that drive you to the refrigerator, such as anger, sadness, or just plain boredom.

WEEK 4 – Trigger Foods. Honeymoon is over. Old habits are beginning to creep into your thoughts. Know what triggers you to eat more and more.

WEEK 5 – The Truth About Yourself. When you take away your emotional compulsive eating, you leave raw wounds that you have been bandaging with food. You now have to deal head-on with some of these painful issues.

WEEK 6 – Reflection and Old “Diet” Thoughts. Weigh again, and take measurements. Discussions with partner things you have noticed that have changed – habits, thoughts, etc.

WEEK 7 – Discover Yourself With and Without the Mask. Developing a “Brag Journal”, looks at your accomplishments, your life, friends, and your talents. Discover your gifts and release your heart song.

WEEK 8 – Sabotaging Relationships Even With Yourself.  Sabotaging by others like your significant others. They are used to you in one role and sometimes feel threatened when the new you emerges.

WEEK 9 – Body Image. Discussions about your new thinking and behaviour patterns. Discovering what you think is a good body image. Is this something you have decided or what someone else has given you. Discovering just what you love about yourself.

WEEK 10 – Judgments. Accepting yourself and others without judgment.  You are judging because you have been judged and have accepted those judgments as gospel.

WEEK 11 – Taking Responsibility.  Taking responsibility for your own actions and not blaming others.

WEEK 12 – Counting Your Blessings and CELEBRATION! Final week. Counting your blessings. Sharing the process with others. Moving forward


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