Don’t just take my word for it –

here’s what some of my clients have to say 

I enjoyed the session, your observation of how I come across when I share what I do and where I put my focus. Even though it means the world to me to deliver a quality service that transforms peoples’ lives and/or businesses, I put more focus on the features rather than the benefits that the client will receive. Starting now, I am turning my message around. What an awesome AHA moment. Thank YOU! Have an amazing day! Namaste

Sasha Lomas

PMP QSCA Certified Life Coach. Burlington, Ontario

When I met Liz, I had no hope left that I would ever lose weight. I resigned myself to the fact that I would always be fat and that was that. When I met Liz at a network meeting, I overheard her talking to a group about her permanent weight-lossprogram. I heard her say no dieting and lose weight permanently. I chuckled to myself wondering what new thing was the diet world coming up with now. The more I listened to her, the more I wondered if changing your thoughts and behaviours was the real thing or something else to take my money. She offered a money-back guarantee and so I thought what the heck Ive tried everything else and I could try this.

 From the first, I found Liz to be warm and inviting and she showed pictures of herself before she developed this program. When I joined, she had lost the weight and kept it off for 10 years. At first, I was impatient, but with her guidance, and no non-sense approach, I lost around 60 pounds and am proud to say I have now kept it off for over 10 years, which was no small feat for me. When Liz called to say she was going to go online with her course and wondered if I would give a testimonial, I didnt hesitate. This

lady knows what she is doing and genuinely cares. I would recommend her to anyone.


Natalie Guava, London

It wasn’t a coincidence that I was matched up with Liz Underhill. What a beautiful soul she is…so caring, motivating, and uplifting. True qualities of a life coach! She showed me practical tools to help me move my life in the direction that I truly desire. As a registered dietitian and health coach myself, Liz was able to use her own experience to help me launch my own business of nutrition and health coaching. Liz not only helped me fine tune my services but also how to replace my fears and doubts with productive thoughts to elevate my emotional vibration. I often set myself up for failure with self-sabotage, but with Liz’s help and encouraging support I realize how worthy and deserving I am of fulfilling my dream as an entrepreneur. She is such an amazing woman that I truly connect with because she is always striving to make herself better so that she can help others to do the same. I know that I will always stay connected in one way or another with this amazing woman.

Amy Goldweber

St. Petersburg, Florida Registered Dietitian, Health Coach

Liz works with clients on their behavior aspect rather what they eat, and trains the thinking to be aware of the emotions when eating and gives tools to work with absent mind eating. She is authentic, funny and to the point of intention she works with client. I had many sessions with her on many life concerns and she made a transformational shift during the session. She walks the talk herself. Thank you, Liz, for making me realize my own beliefs and resistances and helping me to see the other side of long tunnel.

Love and Light.

Jyotsna Agarwal

Divine Lifetron ceo/Yoga, Aromatherapy/Reiki master/Meditation

Liz Underhill is an amazing and versatile coach steeped in the principles of Abundance and the Law of Attraction. What really has stood out for me since we began working together a few months ago, are Liz’s intuitive and listening skills, humor and compassion. She zeroes in on the topic at hand and gently nudges you to a more positive, expansive way of framing thoughts and feelings. Liz comes from her own rich experience and integrity. Her energy and enthusiasm are real, and not just something she learned in a course or book. I love her toolkit, such as the Wheel of Success and Placemat.
As I work for myself on many projects, Liz helps me focus, juggle priorities and appreciate the small steps and larger victories along the way. Her coaching is a vibrational and energetic tune-up. I always feel I’ve received just the right assignment to keep me moving forward after a session with Liz, and look forward eagerly for our next meeting. I’d recommend her to anyone interested in a happier, more balanced life

Sheila Lewis

Author, After School, Educator, and Meditation Teacher. New York N.Y.