Weight Loss – W5 Doom and Gloom Report

Boy, I realize trying to get a job in this economy I have to have my wits working double time. A local newspaper was looking for a news reporter. I knew that was something I could do, and landed an interview. There I was folks, sitting in front of a chunky interviewer who obviously couldn’t see out of her horn-rimmed glasses as she kept her steely eyes on me by glaring over the top of them, but I ignored that by winking at her. I figured her problem was she was jealous of me, you know my good looks and all.

She said she didn’t think I suited the job, as I had no resume (whatever that is), but she was obliged to let me write an article. She warned me that the story had to include the 5 W’s of journalism: who, what, where, when and why.

I told her I wouldn’t have a problem with that as I was always firing questions at my Clem like –  who he was out with, and what he was doing that was more important than me, where he had been when I had been calling and why he didn’t answer.  This seemed like a simple assignment to me.  I began to write what I thought was the clincher to my getting the job.  You be the judge.

Who – Companies
What – Trim Corporate Fat
Where – Everywhere
When – Everyday
Why – To compete in the global market.

Sound familiar? I’m tired of this daily report in our newspapers. Do I need to hear this? I’m faced daily with my own doom and gloom statistics.

Who – Klara Kravitz
What – Trim Spandex Fat
Where – Everywhere
When – Everyday
Why – To compete in the local meat market.

Enough is Enough! I’m tired of dieting, pills, fat farms, exercising, and everything that goes with trying to stuff this size 18 into a beanpole size 12.

I see all the advertising. Who are they kidding? The last time I saw hips that size was when I measured one thigh. How about those slinky dresses with no back? I too, used to have a slender, unwrinkled back, just like those models, but as I grew older, I developed those gorgeous “love handles” now, I’m a little embarrassed to say,  known as “ski slopes”

How about exercise videos? I sit and watch those Skinny Minnies trying to convince me that exercise is good for me. All that jumping is bad for the eyesight! I do sit-ups and that is enough. Each morning around 3 a.m., I sit up, get out of bed and go piddle. The next time my body is conscious is when the alarm goes off and wrenches me up from a deep sleep. I then get dressed and take Cranky Cat for a walk.

I even tried pool fitness at the Y in town. I now know what six lashes with a wet noodle means. I took a round foam pole with me to keep me afloat, (they called it a noodle). This thing was a contortionist! If I sat on it, the thing buckled and came up between my legs, while pinning my head underwater. I was mugged, punched, and dumped by this thing. I wasn’t fit to do anything after that outing!

Enough is Enough!

Who – Klara Kravitz
What – Pitch the Spandex
Where – At the advertisers.
When – Immediately
Why – So I can binge at the local meat market.

And how was your day? Ms. Klara       p.s.  I didn’t get the job!


Battle of the Bulge

Dieting fills the air!  I realized I had to do something about the few little bulges that have somehow appeared from tasting all the goodies that I snitched when I thought no one was looking.  I’d rather be naughty than nice.

I started a diet routine, and I tried, I really did, but those little portions on my plate looked more like fly specks than real food. How can such a small offering fill the yearning that my stomach is telling me I deserve?  The only thing that quenched that was a double helping of Pralines and Cream at Scoops Ice Cream Parlor.

My friend Pheenie suggested I try going to the local gym for exercise. I told her that wouldn’t work because I didn’t like torture. My idea of exercise is to take my cat on a leash and cruise up and down on the sidewalk in front of my house.

Pheenie said if I wanted to lose those drooping love handles, I would have to either starve or do some exercise or both. She said there was a class at the Y offering Low Impact exercising especially for the older crowd.

After a few days of pondering, I convinced myself that it wouldn’t hurt to try something that was ‘for the older crowd’, that would mean it would be easy and I always looking for the easy.

Trust me. LOW IMPACT is a lie! There was nothing low impact about the way I hit the floor when I lifted my legs and placed them down. I swear the muscles and fat on my calves did the twist all by themselves and not in slow motion. I’ll have bruises for life. I just know I will!

How do people keep up with that stuff? The class did ten side-by-sides by the time I did one. The leader said to go at your own speed. The music got louder. The pace accelerated. I was pooped already. I sank to my knees, a fuzziness rolling in.

In the distance, I could vaguely hear a voice shouting over the loud speaker. “Breathe in and out – in and out- keep the rhythm.” Were they crazy? Who cared about any rhythm?      If I survive this, I’ll take their rhythm and stuff it, and the impact won’t be low either, I promised myself as the lights went out.

When I came to, I found myself still on my knees, in a praying position, facing the door marked exit. I figured someone must have dragged me there when I was out of it. I found a sign around my neck that said: ‘Try Yoga’. And how was your day?


Prisoner Behind Your Beliefs

As I begin these blogs, I am wondering if you are a prisoner behind your limiting beliefs even if you don’t know those beliefs are alive and well lingering in your subconscious mind, waiting for you to try something new and different, something you are excited about, like losing weight, a new relationship, a windfall of money only to give you the enjoyment of reaching the things you are asking for and then somehow you are back into your own self-defeating thoughts, and all the old habits that got you in the muck before have you starting all over again.  Have you ever wondered what it is that seems to be counter-productive to what you say you want?

I know some of you have never heard of the Law of Attraction and think its woo woo, some do know what it’s about and don’t believe it, and others who have tried working with it and gave up thinking it doesn’t work.

I think the year was around 2006, don’t quote me on that as sometimes I get dates confused  Everyone got on the bandwagon.  All you had to do was focus on what you wanted and stay positive and miraculously it would appear.  Well folks, so many times it didn’t because what they forgot to take into account were those negative thoughts, that had been with them for so long, shouting in the background, you’re not good enough, you’ll never be a success, you never lose weight and keep it off, you’re a failure and yes – this is woo woo.  Those thoughts have been practiced for a long time and most of you aren’t even realizing they are yammering all the time, mostly in la-la-land, but when you try to do something that is against what you are constantly beating the drum about, the war is on. Have you ever thought, I am going on a diet and then all sorts of things become alive in your mind about deprivation, french fries, potato chips, counting calories etc. What about quitting smoking?  As soon as you decide to quite all the thoughts become active, like I’ll gain weight and what am I going to do with my hand. Mind you, these thoughts are really trying to protect you from whatever their reasons, and they are only thoughts that have been repeated over and over until they have become habits and then beliefs.

So, the good news here is that you can change those thoughts. It takes conscious awareness of those thoughts, but imagine what it would feel like if you wanted something and knew it would manifest.  What would it feel like if you wanted to lose weight to know that you would lose it and never have to think about dieting again. What would it feel like to quite smoking and never have the need to take another puff again.  We aren’t talking about magic here everyone, we’re talking about scientific proof, that wherever your focus is flowing you are manifesting.  There is nothing in this world that was here before thought made it so.

For this first blog post, I just want you to ponder on the possibilities that I have suggested and here is a little fun for you to try to test it out,  that I found in Pam Grout’s E Squared. A great book to prove energy and manifestation exist. You declare to the universe that you want to see something and you give it 48 hours to manifest.

One is to imagine a colored vehicle that you want to see. Black or white might not be so appropriate as there are so many.  I chose an olive colored van. Olive is not my favourite (nor even close) color but decided if I was going to play this game it had to give me proof.  In 48 hours, believe it or not, I saw 6 olive colored vans, and that was in our little town.

Now the next one blew my mind.  I was to declare I wanted to see a butterfly and to give the universe 48 hours to see it.  Now it doesn’t seem like such a big feat, until you realize it was the dead of winter in a small Canadian town.

You’re to declare that you will see a butterfly, within 48 hours.  Well talk about the energy rattling your cage.  I never get the newspaper, but my girlfriend wanted me to see something.  Would you believe!  On the front page glaring in color was a beautiful monarch butterfly with a story, in the dead of winter, about monarch butterflies.  It was unbelievable. I was hooked!  I’ve had so much fun with this energy work. I look forward to another discussion in my next blog. Meanwhile if you have a question or comments please post in the space below. If you have a question, I would love to answer.

This has been such a year for change for me so far and I hope it has and will be for you. If it hasn’t, jump on board and join our community where you can feel free to discuss anything that you need help with.

I am so excited to announce that I am going to begin answering questions live beginning in June.  Every week I will answer a question as “Ask Liz” All you have to do is come to the live sessions that will be announced and ask your questions there or if you miss the live event, post your question in the replay.  If you want to hear yourself live, go to my website www.lizunderhill.com and click on the tab (I will have a link when it is ready) there where you can ask your question live and I will answer on my next session, in a podcast, live in our Facebook group, and perhaps video too. I look forward to helping you release the resistance that is creating the blocks that are preventing you from all the blessings that are just waiting for you.  You only have to allow.

Meanwhile, when you visit my site, pop into the Soup ta Nuts section to enjoy a few laughs. Take care…keep smiling. Please leave a comment and please share with others who might benefit.;


WHAT IF…Over Eating Was Just a Symptom?

Have you ever asked yourself why you have lost weight, felt good about yourself, received compliments, and finally looked at yourself in a full length mirror and said ‘YES’, only to gain most, if not all, and more, back? Statistics show that 85 to 90% of us do just that.

Our conscious thoughts are forever leading us to fuss over the weight and then we decide to go on a diet. We are determined, to follow the next craze in losing the weight. Slowly, but surely the pounds melt off and we are so proud; however, as it turns out, there is something underneath that seems to sabotage us every time and back up the yo-yo game we go, leaving us saying to ourselves, there is no use going on another diet, I can’t stick to anything, I was born to be this way and there is no sense trying to change things at my “age”. My family is all overweight and that is really in my genes, so I don’t know why I should be fighting against something that is my destiny.

Your inner world and thoughts are what decide your outcome and if those negative thoughts are
niggling around in your mind and you are verbalizing them to someone, what result do you think you are going to get every time, no exception? What can you do to change those inner thoughts that will reflect the positive outcome you so want to see.

In the many clients I’ve coached, I have found that overeating, was just a symptom of something underneath that wasn’t being dealt with, and eating was a tool, (if you wish) to cover up whatever it is. Until you deal in a healthy manner with what is bothering you and change your inner thoughts, you will continue on your yo-yo journey.

Having said that, we will discuss that in another blog. Meanwhile, think and record all your thoughts that you are going over and over in your mind. You will see a pattern there and once you can acknowledge just what is going on that is driving you to overeat or ending up sabotaging you success, you can well be away on having a life that is not lived around scales, dieting and hiding.

Meanwhile I have a little exercise (not physical). I encourage you to take a piece of paper and put a line down the middle. On the left-hand side, I want you to put all those thoughts that aren’t serving you. Those thoughts are not what you want and they are thoughts that are holding you back. Those are the thoughts you want to discard. Now on the right side, beside each thought, I want you to write what you do want. Look at possibilities and probabilities. Take your time. This is a valuable exercise.

I’m always going to be fat

I have lost weight in the past and I can do it again.
I can learn a different way to handle my weight to have permanent success.
I can learn to watch my thoughts as these create the results I create in my outer world.

May you learn to “Lighten Up”

Till next week. Take care…keep smiling.
Liz Underhill


WHAT IF…You could change the underlying cause?

There is always hope and just around the corner. Just take off your blinders. Open your eyes to all the possibilities. This world is full of the naysayers, you only have to follow the news.  Have you bought into all of this?  Have you seen and read all the “news” about weight loss?  The next cure is right there. Try this product and instant weight loss.

Do you remember the commercial about the overweight lady that had heartburn. She took the recommended product and all of a sudden she could eat anything she wanted. In front of her was all the junk food.  Now how crazy is that!

Everything/everyone is in such a rush to change their lives. Always looking for the next quick fix.  Well let me share something with you, you didn’t gain your weight overnight and you aren’t going to lost it that way either.

There’s work for you to do. Not as difficult as the little guy there.  Yep, sorry work! Your job is to discover “What’s Eating You!”  It isn’t about the food, the scales, or your outer conditions, your boss,  your family, friends, it’s about You! and what is happening within you.

I have been you, trying everything and yo-yoing for 30 something years before I realized it had to be an inside job. I spent quite some time studying and finally coming up with the program that I used on myself first (my girlfriend and I were the guinea pigs) to lose 50 pounds, she lost around 85 pounds, and have kept it off. And now I want to share it with you.

I would love to help you to discover “What’s Eating You!” so I am offering a complimentary session.  Just click on……contact.



What is willpower?  According to Webster’s dictionary: (Energetic Determination)

I love this!  Energetic Determination!  Wow!

So you do the easy part and lose the weight, but then you must have lost that Energetic Determination because the scales are telling you that your thoughts were using their Energetic Determination to send you up the yo-yo ladder and oh yes…they add a few extra pounds just in case you use that Energetic Determination again.

You have a very strong “will” power in your mind called the subconscious. One of the most powerful instruments known to man.  All you have to do is harness that power to be/do/have anything you want.

Consider that the subconscious is a CD player. You record the CD and then play it. Now if all of a sudden you want to change what the CD player is playing. You can’t go up to it and call it names, you can’t yell at it, call it stupid and expect to hear it playing just what you want to hear.  The only thing you can do, is turn it off, or put in something that you do want.

No matter how many curses and demands you make on it that it should play just what you want to hear, it keeps on playing the recording you give it.  It doesn’t care whether you like it or not, it is there to play what you put into it.

So, if you have fed your CD player with limiting thoughts for some time, then that old player is going to give you just what you gave it to play and will orchestrate the things around you to justify what you are thinking.

However, if you change the thoughts and continue to feed the CD player with that music, then it will chug along giving you just you want and create the sweetest music.

Till next time.  Take care…keep smiling
Liz Underhill