010 Are You Battling The Bulge?

As you go along in the program, you will notice the honeymoon from the first day is waning. The old diet voice starts. You know the lingo. “I am too tired today. I think I’ll just lie here in bed. I deserve a rest. I will call my partner tomorrow. I don’t feel like handing my meal plan over. This is ridiculous. I can handle this myself.”

Need I say more? You are trying to do it yourself again. Be careful, be watchful, and be kind to yourself. You deserve to be happy, and we are in the process of building new got a lot of living to do thoughts.

If challenges arise, realize this too shall pass. Call your partner even it if is not a scheduled call. Breathe deeply, whatever it takes. Tell yourself that just for this moment you are not going to give in to the compulsion, and if you feel like eating in ten minutes from now, well, that’s just what you’ll do. Now, aren’t you proud of yourself?

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009 Is Your Weight Controlled By Your Thoughts?

The ideas that I share in these podcasts are from my program and I hope these podcasts will help you on your journey to realize that dieting doesn’t work and that changing your thoughts and behaviours do.  Take some time now to think about the questions from a previous podcast.  As a reminder, I am repeating them here.

Describe your feelings as a fat person.

I am unhappy about being a compulsive over eater because…

If I did not eat compulsively, my life would change in these ways…

Describe your feelings as a fat person.

Describe your feelings as a thin person.

Are your thoughts realistic? In what way?

What resistance are you encountering with any ideas offered so far? Write as many as you can.

Thinness is only an attitude shift. How would your beliefs and then your actions change if you were thin?

Why aren’t you doing these things now?


008 – Is Fast Weight Loss Your Goal?

Hello .  I’m tired of  “dieting”. I so want to lose 85 pounds and but every time I decide to go on a “diet”, all the pictures of doing without come to the forefront and I get hungrier. I read your story and  like you, am tired of measuring, counting, and jumping on the bandwagon for the next idea.

It works for a little bit, but for some reason, I can’t seem to stick to it.  I want to lose weight and never worry about it again. Can you help me? I need to lose lots in a hurry, as I am getting married in June, Thanks Sammy.


007 – ASK LIZ – What Is A Heart Song?

As mentioned in a previous podcast, I was going to begin an Ask Liz podcast hopefully once a month for my listeners, beginning in June; however, I see that many have jumped the gun and I felt perhaps this one needed an explanation as I did allude to it in Podcast 6. Some of what is here is repeated from Podcast 6 but I believe so much in the importance of this, I felt the need to repeat some of that information here in the hopes you will recognize yourself and satisfy the hunger from within.

Dear Liz:  On your podcast you mentioned about a Heart Song.  I think that relates to me and wondered if you could explain it further in a future podcast.  I am enjoying your different take on losing weight and keeping it off.  That one in particular resonated with me. I also have a sister who is addicted to shopping and was wondering if that could fit into what you are talking about.  Thank you Sarah M.


006 Are You Drowning Your Dreams With Food?

I want to address this podcast mostly to women, but feel that some men might relate to this also.  I believe there are many women, who as small children, have a light inside that knows exactly what they want to be when they grow up.

Along the way, they are discouraged by well-meaning parents, teachers etc.  When they get to the marriageable age, they meet someone and decide to get married.  Their dreams take second to the man in question.

Then children become a big part of the equation, after all we have to be home to look after them or work at something that pays the bills.  Our dreams remain buried. Oh they’re still there, but shoved down by all their responsibilities….or with some other distraction like food, drugs, shopping, gambling etc.

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