promo-001-web-site-1Hi Liz.  I have been to all the weight loss clinics and online gurus and nothing works. At first I succeed.  One time I lost 40 pounds and put it back on and the next 55 – you guessed it – put it all back on and an extra 12 pounds. My question is, what makes you the authority and how can you help me when the “big names” can’t?  The only thing that I have lost on a permanent basis is money!  I hope to see your answer on your blog.  Shirley G


Hi Shirley.  I am sorry you have tried so many things only to find that after you spent that money, that the only thing you gained for your investment was the weight appearing again. You ask how I can help you and what makes me the authority?

   Let me address the question about what makes me the authority and perhaps it will also answer how I can help you. 

   I was 50 pounds overweight for most of my life and, like you and many others, kept trying the next thing I came across. I lost weight and gained it back and more. I lost track of the number of times that happened. I made a decision one day that I was never going to weigh, measure, count calories, carbs etc. nor to join one more “diet” program or idea.

     I knew something was wrong and after much soul searching, I decided it had to be an inside job.  First of all your extra weight has nothing to do with food and exercise, but is a symptom of your thoughts about yourself. These thoughts are directing your life and unless you change them you will eventually go back to where your beliefs take you. 

   What I have to offer has nothing to do with food or exercise.  What I do offer is tools and strategies to help you change your thoughts around your weight challenge. I guide you to find “What’s Eating You”. (which is the name of my 12-week program).

   The 12-week program is built on discovering what is holding you back from becoming all you can be or what I call “Releasing Your Heart Song”.  I will guide you to find and “Release Your Heart Song”, but you have to sing it.  

   Oh, by the way, I have kept the weight off now for around 30 something years.  I hope that helps and if you require more help, I offer a free ebook of “What’s Eating You!” along with a free live coaching session with me.  Just go to my web site and leave me your first name and email and I would love to speak to you directly.  Meanwhile. “Lighten Up” hope to speak with you soon, and meanwhile, focus on the great things about yourself that you do possess. And above all, learn to get your high on life and not food.  Liz

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