santa-web-site-2016Dear Liz.  I see on your site you have Release Your Heart Song.
I am wondering if you could explain to me what that means.  Thank you.  Sarah M


Hi Sarah.  Great question. I believe that every one of us, when we are born, is born with a knowing inside of us, a knowing of what our mission, destiny, whichever you chose to call it – (“Heart Song”) is. You can see part of mine here in the picture.  Thought I would insert a fun thing for this message for Christmas.

   As children we run and jump and dream of possibilities of who we are and who we will become when we grow up. We innately know inside what our destiny is. Just listen to the little ones shout what they have in mind to be when they grow up. They are free of the naysayers and they soar with every breath they take. They say it with such joy, but…Life Happens! Their little minds are free and clear and then they begin to download – from parents, teachers, TV, friends, – life!  No! You can’t do that – That’s not good for you – Be quiet! – Don’t brag – Don’t be selfish – You’ll never amount to anything – You are bad! And the list goes on.

   As young children, we don’t yet have the faculties to sort and filter which information is nourishing for us, and which is stealing our Heart Song. We accept that what we’re told is the truth and of course to be adhered to – to get the best marks, to compete, to be liked, to be accepted, and to put our minds to the grindstone and  to stop our fantasies. And if we don’t live up to these expectations, well then the doubts and insecurities begin even without our conscious realization.

   So we grow up in the “I can’t wait to be a teenager…I can’t wait to get married…I can’t wait until I get a job”…and on and on. Meanwhile our little hidden Heart Song is pushed to the back, where it is operating, but not being acknowledged in the mire of life.

   As women, we are told to always put our husband and children first.  If our children require anything, then we must be there to look after their needs.  If the husband moves to another job in another city, away we go, and our own Heart Song gets put on hold.

   We’re discontented, but we don’t know why, there is something inside calling us, we can feel it, but we don’t seem to know what it is, or even if we do, we feel either it is never going to happen, or hopefully we can do it when the children are gone, so we proceed to try to fill that hole with “stuff”, addictions if you will – working, compulsive eating, shopping, spending money, drugs, alcohol, smoking, work, and all sorts of destructive behaviours. We need to realize that any of these is only a temporary fix, a band aid if you will, over the real limiting beliefs lying underneath.

   We sabotage relationships, business, finances, and family and still we continue. Sometimes we use “willpower” and discontinue these debilitating behaviours, only to find them come back with a vengeance as soon as we let our guard down.

   You see your subconscious is like a CD player.  You put the CD in and the player gladly plays what you have inserted, that’s its job. It doesn’t care whether it’s good or bad, it just plays.  If you don’t like it, you can’t go up to it and shout and call it names and expect it to play anything other than what you programmed it to play. You can’t slap on a happy face and hope all of a sudden you will love what it is playing.

   You can’t pretend it’s playing the song you want. You can name the CD’s you want it to play, you can get all the CD’s out and lie them on the table and tell the player to play the ones you want to hear. You can even hum the song, but the old player just keeps playing that CD that you originally put in there and until and unless you personally change the orginal by turning it off or replace it with the ones you want to hear, the old CD player will continue to play the old CD.

    What is your heart song?  What is that song that keeps whispering in your heart?  What is stopping you from bringing it out into the world to serve others and you too? What can you do to change the limiting thoughts that are preventing your Heart Song from a whisper to a full blown song. 

    If you would like to find how more about how you can throw those debilitating thoughts out the window (no matter what your age)  and allow your Heart Song to come through. Visit my web site and click on the Private Coaching button and receive your first FREE COACHING about your issues. If this isn`t for you, please forward this post to someone you know someone that is struggling to bring their Heart Song forward. 

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