promo-001-web-site-1Hello.  I’m tired of the word “dieting”. I so want to lose 85 pounds and but every time I decide to go on a “diet”, all the pictures of doing without come to the forefront and I get hungrier.  I, like, you am tired of measuring, counting, and jumping on the bandwagon for the next idea. It works for a little bit, but for some reason, I can’t seem to stick to it.  I want to lose weight and never worry about it again. Can you help me? I need to lose lots in a hurry, as I am getting married in March, 2017.  Thanks Sammy.


Hi Sammy.  First of all, let me say I understand how you feel about “dieting”. It spells restrictions, not fitting in with everyone else, loss of eating all the things you enjoy and now, on top of it all, it’s work, measuring, counting etc. 

      As far as losing weight and gaining it all back, you are in the majority of people who lose and gain it back and then wondering why?  Then the beating up of yourself begins – can’t stick to anything, just doesn’t work, etc.  What sort of insanity is that? The only thing that isn’t addressed is the hidden thoughts that keep dragging you back.  

   What if you looked at “dieting” as a positive choice that you can make every day? Instead of thinking of losing weight, how about thinking of all the things you can do to nourish not only your body, but your mind.  No restrictions, no counting, no weighing, or measuring. What if you chose to relax with everything and looked at yourself differently?

    What if you didn’t obsess about losing weight and then putting your life on hold until you lose the weight?  I sense you have so many other great talents that are on hold until you lose weight. Live now!

     Throw out the scales? What does jumping on scales do for you? It has less to do with scales and more with mindset. Healthy weight depends on a healthy attitude.   Success is more about focusing on gaining the confidence in your ability to make better healthy eating choices, and learning to get your highs from life, not from food. As you experience a gradual lifestyle change, weight-loss is certain to follow.

    Releasing your weight thoughts and becoming more of the beautiful person that I know you are is not a quick fix. The quick fix is the usual journey, crash diets, diets, period! You say you want to lose weight in a hurry because you are getting married. How about feeling good about finally going on a journey that will free you from the losing weight insanity and trusting yourself to know the right path for you and loving yourself along the way?

    Here is a little exercise for you. List all your self-defeating thoughts, take a good look at them and see if these thoughts are serving you. Are they making you feel better about yourself, or are they limiting you from becoming all you can be?  Would you be saying these things to a trusted friend? What better friend do you have other than yourself? 

    When you see these thoughts, ask yourself if they make you feel good, if not, then pivot to something that does and focus on that for a minute or two. Keep a gratitude journal or jar and notice all the wonderful things you have in your life to be grateful for. You can’t hold a self-limiting thought and a grateful thought at the same time.

Here’s an idea!  How about thinking of positive things that D.I.E.T. means?  I can start: Meanwhile if I can be of further help, please visit my site and opt in for a free coaching session.

D – Drinking
I    In
E – Everyday
T – Thankfulness

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