promo-001-web-site-1Hi Liz. I binge eat when no one is around. I am 60 pounds overweight, no matter what I try I lose some and then give up and gain it all back.

I don’t eat properly, I know, but I just don’t want to weigh, measure, or anything. I am so tired of that.

I catch myself shoveling food in so fast that I really don’t taste it.  I keep a stockpile of potato chips, and when no one is home I binge on them. I hate myself when I am doing this, but I can’t seem to stop and if I hear someone come home, instead of putting it away, I gulp it even faster.  I caught myself in the mirror and my cheeks were bulging from all the food. I have tried not to do this, but the more I try the worse it is.  Do you have a quick way to stop this. I would be so grateful. Pat G.


Hi Pat.  Great question. There is not a fast way to permanent weight loss. It is a steady, day-by-day process. There is not a simple answer to all of your challenges, so let’s look at a couple.

First of all, I want to say that it was great that you noticed your bulging cheeks as you quickly gulped your food. Sometimes it takes a moment like this to see what you are really doing to yourself.  It is difficult to taste all the wonderful aromas and sensations from the food when you are gulping it down.

I see you have a tendency to eat quickly. It takes practice and awareness to slow things down. They say it takes about 15 minutes for the appestat in your body to tell you that you are full.  Before it can do that, you have eaten so much and so fast, you lose the sense of whether or not you are full.

Here is a couple of things you can do.

  1. Write down everything you eat in a day. List every lick, munch, slurp, bite (even liquid) etc., that goes into your mouth.  Note whom you were with and what sort of mood you were in. You will probably see a pattern here like you are with certain people, mood, aloneness, and when you are aware of the pattern you can make the change.
  2. When taking any food, let’s say chips (since you mentioned that was a binge item)…take a bite out of that chip and chew it 15 times before taking another bite. I am not going to address here about whether or not you should be eating chips. That is another ASK LIZ session J
  3. One more thing is to sit down anytime anything goes into your mouth even if it’s a tasting spoon from whatever you are cooking.

When you are aware of what you are doing, you then have the power within you to change.  Hope that helps.  For more help, take advantage of my offer – A free Ebook and a free coaching session with me. Take care…keep smiling. Liz

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