promo-001-web-site-1Hello there. What does my weight have to do with how people look at me.  I am a good person. I’m kind, and nurturing, and go out of my way to help people.  I wear stylish clothes and yet still I am described as the fat girl that has lost control of herself. I seem to be glossed over for jobs because of my weight. I like to join baseball, swim teams etc., but am passed over for the athletic looking person. I am about 40 pounds overweight according to standards, (not mine but others) but I like the skin I’m in. How can I change my thoughts, so these things don’t happen to me or better still, that they don’t hurt when it happens? Thank you anyway. Sandra V.


 Hi Sandra. It is great that you are happy in your own skin. What a plus for you!  Everything is attitude.  One person can feel they are overweight with 10 pounds, and some, not too many, like you, are happy the way they are.  I would say to you that as long as you are healthy, that is all that is important.

   When you are happy, it doesn’t really matter what other people think and you know the people that are important and love you don’t even notice your “weight”.  What they do notice is how you treat them.  For those jobs, sports, etc., that pass you by, realize that they were not meant to be in your life. (easy for me to say right?) but as time goes on and wonderful things begin to manifest in your life you will realize what a true statement that is.

   First, decide on how you want to feel about yourself. When you know what you don’t want, then you sure do know what you do want. When one of those limiting thoughts come up, whether in your thoughts or a comment someone says, ask yourself if that is true what you or others are saying and if it isn’t, then immediately focus on what is true (an unlimiting thought) e.g.

  • I am happy in my body.
    I look great.
    I’m a very nurturing, caring person.
    My family/friends/significant other loves me for who I am.
    The right job that suits my personality is out there waiting for me to allow it in

   What other people say/do/think about you is actually none of your business. When you continue to pivot to other unlimiting thoughts about yourself, you raise the vibration of joy, happiness, success and wherever your focus goes, more of the same flows.

     This is a snapshot of a little something you can do, and if you want more help please visit my site, sign in with your email to receive a free ebook and coaching call.  All the best.

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