promo-001-web-site-1Hi Liz.  I need help!  I am a compulsive overeater and no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to stop and the more I want to stop when I’m eating, the more I eat.  I have tried so many diets and things, I even tried hypnosis.  They all worked for a bit but not for long.  I only went to hypnosis once, and felt great, but it wasn’t long before I was at it again. This weight issue is taking over my life. I eat, sleep, live, weight loss. Can you give me some ideas as to how to top this? Thank you. Marlene G.

Hi Marlene:  Great question!  There are so many ways to approach this and I don’t have the space here to address it, but I can give you something to work on. Before making major behavioural changes in your life, you first need to know who you are, and where you think you are now. Most importantly, think about why you want to change. If you are trying to change for someone else, your chances of success are very slim. But, if you are totally fed up with all the programs, etc. you have been through and are ready to really do something for yourself, for your own reasons, health etc. Then I can help.  You didn’t mention how much weight you would like to release; however, it really doesn’t matter.  If you want to keep it off permanently, then you have to put in the time to change your thoughts, which will then change your behaviours and beliefs you have around this.

Listed below is a little exercise for you to do to realize how your thoughts are affecting your eating and your resistance to permanent weight loss and why the compulsion of overeating seems to be your drug of choice…

1.         I am unhappy about being a compulsive overeater because…
List as many examples as you can. e.g. I feel something has control over me. I don’t feel good about myself.

 2.         If I did not eat compulsively my life would change in these ways..
I would be thin and then my life would… My husband or wife would love me more.

 3.         Describe your feelings as a fat person…
e.g.  ugly, lazy, unlovable.

 4.         Describe yourself as a thin person…
e.g.  I would go out more. I would be beautiful. My husband or wife would…

 5.         Are your thoughts realistic?
             If so…why?
             If not…why?

  6.        Ask yourself – who was I with when I overate , what mood was I in, what happened that has triggered this compulsion?
Write those things down. Then ask yourself. What could I chose to do differently instead of eating? List 5 things and then put them on a to do list. Then try them out. Keep it  simple  but doable.,

  7.         Why aren’t you doing these things now? Are you putting your precious life on hold?

  8.          Thinness is only an attitude shift. How would your beliefs and then your actions change if you were thin?

When you get these thoughts down on paper, you can look at them.  For the limiting beliefs. Ask yourself?  Are these thoughts serving me and are they really true?  If not, look at them and ask yourself how you could change these thoughts to a much more positive belief about yourself. Whatever you come up with has to be believable or you will revert back to your self-sabotaging ways.  You can move up the energy scale by practicing these better feeling thoughts on a daily basis.   Some of the things you discover might be painful, but put them down anyway. Once you get these thoughts out on paper and out of the nattering that goes on in your head, you will be better equipped to deal with them without stuffing them down with food. 

Talk to a friend or close confident or someone who is going through the same journey as yourself.  Share your thoughts with another and let them share theirs with you.  You will find that you are not alone and you are then on the way to the person you are meant to be.  Remember weight is only a symptom of the thoughts that are going on without your ever realizing what they are.

If you need further help, please visit my site and sign in to receive your Free ebook and a Free coaching session with me or send me an email at the contact below.  I would love to chat with you to help you even more.  Meanwhile. “Lighten Up” hope to speak with you soon, and meanwhile, focus on the great things about yourself that you do possess. And above all, learn to get your high on life and not food.  Liz

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