As you go along in the program, you will notice the honeymoon from the first day is waning. The old diet voice starts. You know the lingo. “I am too tired today. I think I’ll just lie here in bed. I deserve a rest. I will call my partner tomorrow. I don’t feel like handing my meal plan over. This is ridiculous. I can handle this myself.”

Need I say more? You are trying to do it yourself again. Be careful, be watchful, and be kind to yourself. You deserve to be happy, and we are in the process of building new got a lot of living to do thoughts.

If challenges arise, realize this too shall pass. Call your partner even it if is not a scheduled call. Breathe deeply, whatever it takes. Tell yourself that just for this moment you are not going to give in to the compulsion, and if you feel like eating in ten minutes from now, well, that’s just what you’ll do. Now, aren’t you proud of yourself?

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