The ideas that I share in these podcasts are from my program and I hope these podcasts will help you on your journey to realize that dieting doesn’t work and that changing your thoughts and behaviours do.  Take some time now to think about the questions from a previous podcast.  As a reminder, I am repeating them here.

Describe your feelings as a fat person.

I am unhappy about being a compulsive over eater because…

If I did not eat compulsively, my life would change in these ways…

Describe your feelings as a fat person.

Describe your feelings as a thin person.

Are your thoughts realistic? In what way?

What resistance are you encountering with any ideas offered so far? Write as many as you can.

Thinness is only an attitude shift. How would your beliefs and then your actions change if you were thin?

Why aren’t you doing these things now?