As mentioned in a previous podcast, I was going to begin an Ask Liz podcast hopefully once a month for my listeners, beginning in June; however, I see that many have jumped the gun and I felt perhaps this one needed an explanation as I did allude to it in Podcast 6. Some of what is here is repeated from Podcast 6 but I believe so much in the importance of this, I felt the need to repeat some of that information here in the hopes you will recognize yourself and satisfy the hunger from within.

Dear Liz:  On your podcast you mentioned about a Heart Song.  I think that relates to me and wondered if you could explain it further in a future podcast.  I am enjoying your different take on losing weight and keeping it off.  That one in particular resonated with me. I also have a sister who is addicted to shopping and was wondering if that could fit into what you are talking about.  Thank you Sarah M.