Have you ever asked yourself why you have lost weight, felt good about yourself, received compliments, and finally looked at yourself in a full length mirror and said ‘YES’, only to gain most, if not all, and more, back? Statistics show that 85 to 90% of us do just that.

Our conscious thoughts are forever leading us to fuss over the weight and then we decide to go on a diet. We are determined, to follow the next craze in losing the weight.

Slowly, but surely the pounds melt off and we are so proud; however, as it turns out, there is something underneath that seems to sabotage us every time and back up the yo-yo game we go, leaving us saying to ourselves, there is no use going on another diet,  I can’t stick to anything, I was born to be this way and there is no sense trying to change things at my “age”. My family is all overweight and that is really in my genes, so I don’t know why I should be fighting against something that is my destiny.