We live in a culture that worships thinness, constantly surrounding us with images of slender men and women. It is not surprising that the weight-loss business has turned into a multibillion dollar industry.

No wonder we are confused. On one hand, we are bombarded with commercials suggesting it’s time to rush down to our favourite food center for the latest special at the golden arches, or that five-buck special at the pizza place. Then, in the same breath, we are shown another weight-loss or exercise center that is opening or already in business.

The track record for most of these programs is not impressive. Look at your own track record with conventional “diets”. With each new diet you’ve tried, you had success, only to gain back what you had lost and more.

I made a discovery. There is a compulsion beyond us, a craving beyond our mental control that has nothing to do with willpower and everything to do with our thoughts and emotions.

As we go through this podcast series, you will come to better understand that there are lots of things that contribute to the emotional/compulsive over eater and you too can accept that being overweight is more than being lazy and having no willpower. Talk about sub-conscious conditioning!

We are all compelled to eat by a strong, irresistible impulse that often runs against our will and desire. We can no more regain conscious control than a diabetic can consciously control his or her blood sugar level.

We have lost our power of choice over food. Just like the alcoholic who has a drink, the person addicted to drugs who has a hit, the gambler who gambles despite the fact that he or she doesn’t want to. At the expense of losing family, friends, and even jobs, these people continue on with their drug of choice.

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