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“High” on Life and Not Food

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  • Quit dieting forever
  • Quit weighing, measuring, calorie counting, portions
  • Quit gaining and losing
  • Quit bingeing, compulsive and emotional eating
  • Quit allowing the scales to control your life

It’s time to take control of your life so you can discover the joy of getting your “high on life” instead of existing in the food fog.

  want to know something about me?


I’m Liz Underhill and my friends and clients call me the 
Heart Song Whisperer.

   I am the Heart Song Whisperer to every woman warrior who has a longing in her heart and either doesn’t recognize her soul calling or does and is afraid for whatever reason to let it out.


  • We women are allowed to do this you know (at whatever occasion).


  • I am a Transformational Mind Coach
  • Master Hypnotist
  • Master Weight Loss Coach

I created the 12-week permanent weight loss program called Cracking the Diet Code for every woman who is stuck in the yo-yo dieting syndrome and is ready to stop the DIET INSTANITY and lose weight permanently just by changing their thoughts and behaviours.

I’ve guided women to understand the longing and hole in their heart and to stop feeding it with food, drugs, shopping, gambling, or even sex and fill it with the joy and abundance of life in their personal, professional, and financial goals.

You are enough and perfect just the way you are!

Ready to Stop The Diet Insanity and Finally
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