Weight a Second!


Who Are You?

You have many successes in your life
When faced with challenges, you figure them out
You look forward to becoming all you can be
You are intelligent
You have great fortitude

So now you’re asking, if I have all these great qualities, why can’t I lose weight and gain control of that part of my life?

Are you stuck in the muck of yo-yo dieting?
Are you frustrated at having this portion of your life out of control?
Are you just plain tired of trying all the dieting programs?
Has your excess weight interfered with the way you live your life?
Do you eat to feel better when you’re angry, sad or happy?
Have you repeatedly lost weight, only to gain back what you lost and more?
Do you binge often?
Are your thoughts taken up with eating, dieting, or your body image?
Have you had enough of weighing, measuring, portions, pills, and counting calories?
Do you make promises to yourself “never to overeat again” and the next meal or snack?
You find you’re  stuffing yourself again?

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, then you are in the right place.

At last the SOLUTION to stop the craziness

You are going to learn to “Get Your High on Life not Food”

You know what you don’t want, now I will help you find what you do want by guiding you to discover and to release your own Heart Song. Your true mission in life.
Discover the limiting beliefs you have that are sabotaging you and let them become be a thing of the past.

So if you would like to stop the insanity then join us.
You will WIN with our programs
You will BUILD self-awareness
by making overeating a thing of the past.
Mostly you will learn to Get Your Highs from Life instead of the Lows
from existing in the food fog.

You Are So Much More Than Your Weight!

Have a look at my programs and choose which program is more suitable for you.
The Power Freedom Group
The 4-week Coaching Program or
Private Coaching

The first time we meet we will be strangers and after that, I hope we can be friends.

Liz Underhill   H.T. M.HT
Certified Law of Attraction Coach
EFT Practioner